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One More Jar of Jam

A sparkling and deeply felt story of love, loss, renewal—and jam!—offering  a gentle reminder of the cyclical nature of the world around us.

If you ever have a mulberry tree, you’ll climb branches and shake with all your might. You’ll gather berries and smush fruits, while your dad boils jars in a tall, silver pot sweating and happy as the kitchen fills with steam. Because if you’ve ever had a mulberry tree, you know that the sweetest things are worth waiting for.
Sumptuous text and deliciously expressive illustrations come together to form a gentle ode to nature’s bounty, to patience, and to one girl’s lifelong connection to the tree in her yard.






Be on the lookout for these gorgeously-illustrated picture books in 2024. 

Screenshot_2022-05-03 Michelle Sumovich ( justanotherbiped) • Instagram photos and videos.

See you in the future!






In the meantime, please enjoy these stories which Michelle authored when she was seven years old.



"It's a classic!" -Heidi Perry's mom

"It was verry funny." -Rachel Johns,

fellow 2nd grader

"You are GROUNDED for the

next 2 months!!!" -My mom



Written by: Michelle Sumovich

Published by: My 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Bonnelli, who was probably concerned


By: Michelle Sumovich

Published by: Mrs. George, my 3rd grade teacher and recipient of countless excuses

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