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“A repeating refrain (“If you ever have a mulberry tree...”) gives the text a lilting, poetic quality, while loose and colorful illustrations evoke a warm, rural setting…A warm tale of grief, resilience, trees, and, of course, jam.” –Kirkus

One More Jar of Jam

Illustrated by Gracey Zhang

Dial Books for Young Readers, 2023

Penguin Random House


Michelle Sumovich and Sarah Jacoby deliver an outlandish and utterly hilarious tale about a tired mother who unknowingly slurps her daughter up during a spaghetti dinner. A hysterical picture book full of old-world chaos, reminiscent of Tomi Ungerer, William Steig, and Strega Nona.

Everything is Fine

Illustrated by Sarah Jacoby

HarperCollins, 2024

"A surprisingly humorous story of choosing and being chosen, this picture book is an ode to cats and the people who love them."

I Have Three Cats

Illustrated by Laura Park

Dial Books for Young Readers, 2024

Penguin Random House

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